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Charity Partners

We're excited to announce our 2017 Ultra Challenge Charity Partnerships. You can sign up to the South Coast Challenge - or any of our other Ultra Challenges in aid of our Series Partners who are fully supporting the challenge. If you want to fundraise for a special cause - there's no better event to take on than the South Coast Challenge - it's tough and on average most fundraise far more than the set targets.

By fundraising for one of our Partner Charities you will save 20% off your Registration Fee - or you can raise for one of over 300+ different UK charities. 

Official Charity Partners

Fundraise for a partner & save 20% on your reg fee!

Our 2017 Charity Partners are listed below - and by signing up in aid of any of them you will save 20% off your Registration Fee! Click on the below logos to find out more about each charity and the work they do! 

 Ultra Challenge Series Partners (2017)

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Macmillan 150x150 Maw Nspcc Logo 150 X 150 150x150parkinsonslogo

Challenge Partners

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Mencap 150x150 150x150 Bcc 150x150 Prostate Bcn 150x150

Register for a Listed Charity

In addition our official Charity Partners we are working with over 300 other charities whom you can choose to fundraise for. Sign up to the Challenge and fundraise for any of these charities - and you will receive expert fundraising advice & guidance to help you reach your target!

Fundraising for a different charity

If you would like to fundraise for a charity not displayed or listed on our website - you can sign up to the challenge and select 'A Charity Not Listed' and enter in that charity's contact details - we will contact them to confirm if they are happy to accept you as a fundraiser - however we ask that you do not start your fundraising until you've recieved confirmation. Alternatively you can choose to self fund and pay your own cost and then fundraise on top with no set target.

Our Ultra Challenge Series Partners

South Coast Challenge Partners...